Do we have to keep the cycle going?

From the time we are able to understand and comprehend. From our parents, kids on the street, school, workplace, and all around us. We encounter many different kinds/types of abuse. Verbal and psychical.

From our parents! They clearly! Do not know the how to’s of raising a child. So! What do they do? Repeat what they experienced from their parents. And pass it on down to their kid. Aside from the child. Basic parenting is relatively easy. Unfortunately! Do we not know what? “Common sense” is all about!

When I was raising my kids. What I did was? Do the opposite of what my parents did. That means? Being a better parent to my kids. Then my parents were to me. I was a much better father to them.

Of course! they encountered the same things We all did when we were growing up as well.

The whole idea of parenting is? Giving our kids a better life growing up. Then we did. But! No one is getting it! Why? Simple! We only concern ourselves with knowing how to make a buck! And doing what it takes to survive. That is it!

What happens to the kids? It ends being something similar to what I went through with my parents. The least amount of parenting.

Then! The kids end up learning either from the streets! Or via rap, hip-hop artists or both! I am not one for “role models!” Because! Even role models fail! Gone! Are those days!

It is very hard! To stop the cycle of abuse. In one form or another. And try not to pass it on to our kids.

If we cannot find/figure out. How to raise our kids the way they should be raised? They will end up even screwier than we are!















Ever since I was a kid. I always had an interest in things. It did not matter what it was. From breaking up toys my mom would buy me! To audio equipment to music and then some!

I always wanted to see how my toys worked. I break them up! And see how they work. My next interest was music. I guess it was because of my two “half” sisters. In the kitchen! After they did the dishes. They would turn on the AM radio and listen to rock-n-roll, soul. I had no choice but to listen to it.

When was I about? Eleven years old. My music tastes changed. Al because my mom had a Columbia “non-breakable” vinyl recording of the nutcracker suite opus 71a. It was on the b-side. There was a track of “none but the lonely heart” that got me.

Where I used to live. There was a used merchandise mart that sold vinyl 45 rpm records for ten cents. What got my attention? Where they would sell RCA Victor “red seal” records. These were the ones that had recordings of classical music. Each time I saw them! I bought them. At the same time! I also listened to classical music on the radio. That time. There was only three fine arts station.

Then! My musical tastes changed again! This time. It went to traditional jazz! Here to! There was only one jazz station. This lasted for about three years.

Then I went back to rock-n-roll! I did not really miss much. I think! It was just what I needed.

During those three years. I had an interest in of all things! Keys”! Form me it was very interesting. How each key was cut, the shape of both the key and the handle.

And I had interests in?

Shortwave! My dad brought home a shortwave radio. I listened to it! That was it! I love! Listening to the world!

Maps! My mom would bring home back issues of National geographic. Inside some issues. They had maps of different parts of the world. I remember one time. In grade school. The teacher gave us a blank map. And asked us to write down the names of countries we could identify? I was only on in my class! That got; A- The reason why? I could not id Italy.

Clearly! I “Hated” school! To me! There was nothing interesting to learn. Math, English, social studies! WTF?????????

Science, art, gym! That! Was more my speed! But it also took certain teachers. To get my interest All the teachers I had? Each one of them! “Inconsistent”! At how they teach.

It could be because? There are so many things to learn and know out there!








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All my life! From my parents! To me!

I have lived the “Apartment life”!

From public housing to multiple dwellings, renting houses, to leasing an apartment. I think I’ve done it all.

I have encountered. Income property owners complain about “Water usage” The cost of repair/replacing something. Etc, etc.

When it comes to being a tenant! That is something different!

I happen to live in the basement aka the bunker” of an apartment complex. I inherited problems from both! The previous apartment management, the previous tenant, to current apartment management. “AM I LUCKY! OR WHAT?”

Since I moved in! Have I had? Problems as in? Roaches, bedbugs, fleas, holes made by the previous tenant, leaking bathroom ceiling, winged ants, winged ants that have come in via the bathroom wall, lying & bullshitting maintenance man. The list is endless!

The things that a tenant encounters? Are the little things that! Other tenants do not even bother to think about other tenants at all.

The common one is? Using the shower that sometimes the other person does not think that at the same time! Another tenant also wants to use the hot water as well as many.

When you live in a multiple dwelling. You will encounter many things other tenants will do behind your back! When my parents and I lived in one. The other would use my parent’s hot water to wash their clothes by. And talk to my mom about how low their gas bill is.

This one multiple dwelling had a rear cottage in the back. When we first moved in. The guy who live in it. Always complained about our dog leaving dog crap on his porch! How did he know it was our dog that did it? Did he take it to a lab and have it analyzed?

The interesting thing about this place! It was a “heartbreak hotel” of sorts. Couples would have problems with their love life! You may or may not believe.

My mom! Became the “therapist” to talk to about it.

My parents became rental agents for the owner. The damages! Tenants leave!!!!!

There was one tenant! That has this “thing” about Budweiser! When he left! There were holes in the walls, He did not care what nails he used. Any and every kind/type he used to hang his wallhangings with.

I have seen! Tenants vacate their apartment and leave their belongings behind. Why? IDK!

The way apartment owners operate? Screwy af! Some are good! Others? Not so good. Because they all are trying to save And cut corners anywhere/everywhere! At the tenant’s expense.

























Merriam Webster is not done schooling the President on his homophones. President Donald Trump fired off a tweet on Thursday criticizing the appointment of a special counsel to investigate allegations his campaign collaborated with Russia to influence the 2016 election, tweeting: “With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign &…

via Merriam Webster to President Trump: You’re Spelling ‘Counsel’ Wrong — TIME



On 09/01/2014!


The ex (wishful thinking at this point!) thought I would not make it. This is what happens when you are married to an abusive narcissist! They are mostly found in men. Some women as well.

They are mostly found in men. Some women as well. Abusive narcissist makes you think, feel, believe! You cannot do a thing without them. Little did she know! With the help of my “half” sister. I was able to reprogram and convert to the single life again. It was hard! But I made it!

I can! Eat, drink, smoke, get whatever I want! Without her telling me; badlyThat’s too expensive”! “That! Will shoot up your blood sugar”! The list is endless!

No more! Arguments, yelling, screaming, hollering all from out of nowhere! The abusive narcissist will start things and accuse you of anything/everything. They love to blame the spouse for doing this! Doing that! But do not you blame them fo the crap they do/says! They do want to hear of it. Even though they create their own problems and blame you for it.

I know! She has told her brother and sisters how dumb I am. How bad I treated her (when it’s the other way around!). They love to make them look good! While mouthing you behind your back, sometimes in front of you.

I have seen what is called “The family portrait”! She stands out bigger than the capital rotunda! That’s because! When we were expecting kids! And after. She let herself go! That’s why! Even her dad nagged her about losing it. In one ear! Out the other!

Now! I do not have to go through all that!

It does have its moments. Where it does get lonely at times. But! None of her to be had.

Has all this made me bitter? I do not think so!

Although! It has made me even more cautious in finding someone. All because of the “abusive narcissist”!











After spending over 35 years. With her!

I’ve come to a decision that. For now! I do not want a woman. After what I went through!

When I was with her! She tried to rule me. As if she was is “GOD”

I told her: “Since you proclaim to be GOD. “There’s lake Erie” “walk to the Canadien shoreline and back. And then turn the water into wine. “oh! make it white wine so I know you did your job. She has yet to do it!

As I said in my other posts! I know I have to now look for? Narcissism. As in? How much have they of it? Not just the normal things.

I am not alone in this! Someone in my family. Is thinking and feeling the same as I!

When I was single in the beginning. I wanted to get married so bad! As my other friends did. And I did! Foolishly! Without knowing her. That! Is where all the cards come falling down!

NOW! For the time. I think not! Because when you are single again. You taste what freedom is all about.

Some people will say: “I’ve found my newly discovered freedom. When in the real world! We who become single again. It’s “My rediscovered freedom. When you are single the first time around! Things are ltd.! But! When you’re single again? You find there is much more into life itself!

I think! When it comes to what I went through. I have to say that. For now! I just want to concentrate on me.



It’s one of those things. We read & heard in sci-fi books, magazines. about one-day actually owning a “FLYING CAR”

As kids! If you remember! A cartoon series called “the jetsons”  . Where flying cars via cartoon became real.

The “Real” question is? “Would we be as careful in the air? As we are not on the ground (as if?). In general! Drivers are dangerous on the ground, as they would be in the air!


It would be less crowded as per traffic. But! We have to share the airspace with others aka planes, choppers, and other fellow space travelers.

Which would generate even more problems in the air! As we current;y have on the ground!

I can see it now! Complaints! In the air! As on the ground!

With what we encounter here on the ground! We will!!!!!!! Encounter in the air! DUI/OVI’S & then some!

When we watched “The Jetsons!” It waa a very much a simpler life & time!

Are we really moving with the times?