Johnny Manziel issues statement about being waived by Browns

Hours after being waived by the Cleveland Browns, quarterback Johnny Manziel issued a statement through his publicist, per Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network.

Source: Johnny Manziel issues statement about being waived by Browns

Should we feel? Sorry for him? Could it be that? Is this “his” turn to have what he could not grow up (or is he?)? To find out what’s it like? Hobnobbing with famous people? To finally taste that money?

It’s been said that! There are people who only know one thing! And one thing only! And that is? How to make a buck and that is it.

For Johnny! It’s “Chug em! & slug ’em! I wonder? If he holds the record for the most alcohol drank by one person in the world? Since he cannot make/break any NFL/team records.

He cannot say that the Browns did not give any rope to hang himself. And guess what? He did!

Any future predictions for him?

I see him in many ways! He is either going to be with another team, or as a backup QB, associating with the wrong people/crowd & left for dead.

OR! His inner functions will start shutting down because of his excess drinking! He has yet! To show us or any NFL team anything worth salvaging about him!

Guys! When they are growing up! Go by what they see & hear by their parents. How dad treats mom. How dad handles his booze. How is a dad and as a man? Boys! Do copy their dads.

At that time! And even now! Parents don’t pick up on that!

Let’s hope that!

This! Is not the case!