I am from the baby boomer generation. And it does seem to me. We went wrong in the mid-70’s! Did we show our real, true self in the form of? Gas shortages waiting in line. It also showed that. We definitely cannot function in peacetime as well.

We also lost it when? the 52 Americans in Iran were taken, hostage.

We saw the computer come in. We saw our jobs go overseas. And for those who did not see it coming? We became to some! homeless.  But to those who still had a job! t was not until the 80’s. When the “cabbage patch dolls” were available in stores. Even then! Parents who could not find then when they went Christmas shopping. arguments, fights broke out because of it.

As the years went on! We also showed the world just how “hard up” we are. When it comes to robbing people/businesses for some quick cash!

Then! Cable came into our lives. What we once had the evening paper. Has gone forever because of it. In some ways! Cable did bring us that much closer to our world. But! At what price? Jobs? This lead to having as well as becoming a one horse newspaper town! Then! In the remaining years of G. W. Bush! He leads us to an even deeper depression not just “THE GREAT RECESSION”. The result? A low trusting economy  people. So much so that! The only way to get a real good paying job is to know someone who has one! Hint! hen people from the old world came here. The only way they found a really, good, paying job was to know someone who had one as well. Or! Network with others.

Even in the “great depression”. You were considered very lucky if you still had one!


RAP, HIP-HOP! In all it’s so-called? “ARTISTICAL EXPRESSION” have misled our young people in believing that the world is hard for anyone to get ahead.

Last count! Over 75% of that music Is bought by whites!

We showed the world! Our real, true colors. As well as who we really, truly are! “GREEDY”, “SELF-CENTERED!”, “NARSISSTIC!”,”HELPLESS”. We really, truly are.

We let ourselves go get lost!




























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