With all that is going on around us. We need to learn how to face, deal, handle, and work with them.

There’s such a thing as the 90/10 rule! And what it means is 90% of the problems are outside of you. 10% is how you handle them!

There’s not a person on Earth that has not gone through such things as people saying hurtful things. People saying things that they don’t mean but they are said In the Heat of a Moment.

Do we really know how to handle any and every problem that comes along in our life? Do we even try? More than likely? Not!

Before we even take on a problem. We need to be think about it. No one! Wants to be known for doing something without even putting thought to it.

Some problems are easy! Some problems are not! In every problem there is always something to be learned from it. As much as we would not like to believe but there is.

Problems will always be temporary even though there are times it seems like it’s just one massive Dark Cloud over our heads as with storms over time they do pass and so do problems.