Once I was happy!

But then! Things begin to settle in ,for me. After the split/break up of my (half) sister. then the dust began to set in ,and I found myself alone. Only my oldest son coming by two times a month. That was it.

Before then! The conversion from being with either the three stooges? Or the death squad?

And then! All Because of my wife! And our youngest “Gender bender” son. I got the boot. Guys/husband’s! How would you like it if? Your gf/wife! All because! You did not conform and comply with what she! Wanted? And she gave you the boot? This is what happened to me!

After having someone who does not care about anything/everything in the world but herself. Ignoring bills, not making sure her family is taken care of and then some. Putting herself and her family through absolute “HELL” because! That is the way she wants it.

Anyway! When I did get the boot! The conversion was very hard. But! I did make it. With the assistance of my “HALF” sister. She was there when I least expected it.

After the break up!

Things began to settle in. The feeling of rediscovered freedom as gone, the sense of feeling well slowly went away And other things.

Then! One night. I prayed the sinner’s prayer. And the Lord answered me.

Things are slowly changing for me.I’m so not lonely as much as I did before. But! Now and then! It comes and goes. TY! LORD!

Even with SSI. It still does not help at all.

Not being able to go places (not bars!) and do things. But then again! What is the difference?







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