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With all these young people. Wanting a tattoos & piercings!

Ever since the early 70’s. I started seeing earrings on guys.

It was common for men to get tattoos. It was a “right of passage” for men to wear one or more.

But! Then I have seen men and women get tattoos as well. I always said that: “If GOD wanted me to wear a tattoo!” He would have turned me into a billboard” “And if he wanted me to wear piercings?” “He would have turned me into a kiosk at a department store!”

I can remember as a kid. There was a temporary tattoo before there was a temporary tattoo. A bubble gum company came out with it. I think? For a nickel. You got a piece of bubble gum, on the inside wrapper, there was either this temp. tattoo 0of Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker.

You would lick a place on your arm, slap the temp tattoo on it. Wait for about two mins. then remove the wrapper and there you are! Your very own (temp) tattoo!

This was in the early 60’s!

I think that if I ever got one! I would be bored! And then think about where can I get rid of it?

I mean! Just the thought of that thing! Staring at me all the time!



















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