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Mine was working at a print shop!

I started out, as a shipper. Then in the bindery, offset then back to shipping.

This company did not believe in layoffs! When business was slow. A few of us in shipping painted, while the others were put on four day work weeks.

When there was a recession in the 70’s? We did not get layoffs. Again we painted. The others came close to a three-day work week. But we did not!

I think that! some of the others. In some way, did not like me. I know my boss in shipping did n0t! Because I got in there by my mom working for the family who owned it!

This! Was a company that, you had to know someone to get in there. I did! But not the way others did!

It was in the early 80’s! That the family sold the company to their lawyer! “BAD MOVE IF EVER!”

When they did! Down goes the company!

The lawyer only knew one thing! And one thing only! “LAW!” Not printing!

Printing jobs! Were held back! Paper for the job! Could not come off the truck until the driver had a check in his hand! Holiday turkeys! Were not paid each year because of the lawyer. Even! The phones! Went dead! Because of it!

Towards the end! They had to lay off people. I was one of them. But I think it was just to get rid of me. He (my boss!) did.

It was a complete shock! To me. But I made it.

The feeling of losing your 1st. job. I felt lost. Then I got it together. It was hard but I did. At 1st. I thought it was the end of the world. But it was not.

On March 1986, the company folded.

I could not believe it! Lots of the “Old-timers”. Actually! Lived for that company. I found out, a lot of them. When the news came down. Most lived paycheck to paycheck. Died.

Over the years! I did many jobs. Those jobs were to see if I could do it.

I still find it amazing! How some lived for that company.
























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