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Who?  Does not remember their 1st. day back at school?

Even though I did not like school! I went anyways. I did not know it at the time, it was the law.

My mom did not tell me why? I had to go. I just knew I had to or else!

I was not the smartest or dumbest kid either. It took a certain teacher to get my attention. Not many did!

When I was in middle school. My mom always made my lunches, cold cuts with margarine on them. Because my dad had this thing about condiments. That by the time it was lunch! It would go rancid.

In my day! I could get a bowl of soup for 25 cents, a pint of milk for a nickel.

In elementary! The best subject I majored in was “RECESS”. Homework? Nowhere to be found!

It was! The inconsistencies! Of the teachers, that made it very difficult for me to learn anything! Each one had their own way of doing things. It’s any wonder! Kids turn out the way they do!






























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