In my saga of “the life & times of a semi-Batchelor”.

Yes! there is life after a “NEAR” death marriage. When I was living with them. She (the so-called wife! And them!) I was deprived of a lot of things by her. The things we need and want at any time, the normal things. She made so very sure. I did not get what (her husband!) needed and wanted.

During the time! I had TIA’S (mini strokes), becoming a minimalist, to getting the boot from them due to all the things over the one too many decades from her and then our gender-bending son!

When you have a spouse who is a (full-blown) narcissist! They will try! to get you to what they do not want to do themselves or convince you to do it for them because. Also! they will get you to conform and comply to what they want you to be. I did not!

It is interesting that. They if you don’t! They will create and even live in the hell they will create for you and your kids and think nothing of it at all.

They will lie, cheat, steal, refuse to pay bills in full on time. Always! buy cheap foods, items, restrict the spouse from going anywhere! And then some.

They do things in such a way that. They cannot really be blamed for anything. But yet! They always feel! Self-righteous, self-justified in any and all things they say and do. They hate to be told they are wrong!

Then! She accused me of giving her “diarrhea”. All from two voicemails, two text msgs.All! were non-violent!

About 3 yrs. ago. Due to circumstances, I will not go into. Her and our bender son. Gave me the boot and found a place for me to live on my own.

In the beginning! It was hard. I thought I was in some sort of “club fed” prison. They bought me the things I needed for the place. They bought me my food “or rations”for the month.

They did me a favor and a blessing in disguise!

I tried online dating. All dead ends because! Most on facebook claimed they are from the USA! But! They were from Africa or parts of it!

I have come to the decision of remaining solo!






















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