I can’t help but think. About the song 2525.That there might come a time when. May we see? Cars that have no need for the driver to take control of the wheel. The driver can give orders to do things. Or at the touch of a few buttons program it to drive to wherever.

In the 70’s! there was a national newspaper called “The national observer” In one of its last publications. It talked about having our own custom newspaper! Now! If it was talking about the printed newspaper? There is no way for that to happen!

If! It was talking about. A custom made the online newspaper? Then YES! that can happen. I think even to this day and way beyond. there will still be no way to avoid the ads.It would still need classified ads. Comics? Doubt it! Op-ed? To each their own! The cost? Someone has to pay for the technology!

Cable has lost its soul! As we all know it! There was a time when. Cable was diversified. Now! It’s a carbon copy of itself. Since people are cutting the cable! There is talk about cable m0ving to the internet. Would anyone pay? For crap online? I hope not!

Would we see? Anything like the cartoon “The Jetson’s”? I hope so!

In the meantime! we are “Lost in space!”



















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