It’s been 3 yrs. since the npd/bpd wife! and gender bending son! gave me the boot! And found me an apartment.

The point I’m trying to make is this. It hurt Mrs. Doubtfire (played by the late Robin Willians) When his ex-cut off his time with his kids.

Only! With me. Before! When I was with them. The wife made sure that the kids hated me! You see! she is a full-blown Narcissist! All because! She tried to get me to “conform & comply” to what she wanted me to be as far as she is concerned.

But! When I had hip surgery. My oldest son. He showed his true colors. After that. it became harder to keep from being sad each and every time! He has to leave and go back to the “hell hole” aka home!

Spouses! Do not think, care about their kids or husband at all. Because! they are the Narcissist”Who are the ones who pretend to love, care.

As long as they are not hurt! And others outside of them! Are!

I am at a point in my life where! Should I live to be separate? Or go for the divorce?

The wife! Is the one who drove a huge wedge between her and me, and the kids. and think nothing of it!

As long as it is not them!























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