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Mine was a toy car. Those sharp turns were something! Wiped out a few times, but none the worse.

My parents moved and bought a house. It was at a time when. Homeowners used what was called an “EDGER”. It was used to create a space between the lawn and the sidewalk. I hated those people who edge their lawns.

Every time I rode my bike up & down the street! I would end up in the edge and fall. With training wheels no less!

The best thing! About each time I rode my bike. I did not tell my mom dad where I went. I thought nothing of it.

The kids said to me:”I would like to go places with you but I can’t because of my parents!”


We all know! The feeling of “FREEDOM” when we rode our bikes. We could go anywhere we wanted (within reason)! Or in my case? Not!

The kids in my day. Used playing cards! Fro that sound of a motorbike. Or balloons.

I had a so-called friend who was ever so jealous of me! Because of the times, I went to the Metroparks. And he could not. Too bad!

Who? Has not “wiped out”? That’s for another time.





















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