I DO!!!!!

I really do believe! That the teachers are the ones who screw up the whole thing and how we turn out.

I’m not saying that there should be conformity. Far from it! If you remember? Each teacher had their own way of teaching. For bragging rights? More than likely. Impress the principal? Doubt it! Parent(s)? NO WAY! NO HOW!

I had a physical education teacher. Who was a “NARCISSIST”! for some weird reason! He hated me! I did nothing wrong at all. But! He never did say why? Normal for people such as him.

In the 3rd. grade. I had a teacher who would grab my hair! And shake my head around. She was also the one at a time that, it was believed kids who were left-handed. Were from the devil! She would tie my left arm trying to get me to write right-handed. Did not work.

To this day! I still hate “HOMEWORK”. TO me! It’s stupid!

There were very few teachers that really got my attention.

The only fun thing about school? Kindergarten, recess, lunch, and going home when school lets out!







































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