The Cleveland plain dealer has gone to three-day home delivery.

It’s because (my opinion!) of the advent of (the way it uses to be!) cable, the Internet. Plus! The social networking/media! The high printing cost of publishing it! Makes it that harder to compete. We have seen one too many ads in our local paper.

The evening paper is gone! It uses to give us what has happened while we were busy. The technology is there for us to have our very own custom made an online newspaper. But! How much will these newspapers charge be the real  question?

I say this for two reasons! One! In the cartoon “the jetsons” George could read his newspaper via a monitor. two! The defunct National observer had on its front page about having our own custom made newspaper. That! Was written in the 70’s!

The newspaper was our personal copy of the paper. I can remember my mom! Hated me when I got the paper first!

And “NO!” it was not because of the comics. It was the radio & tv section I loved reading the most!

If you think about it? Cable (local cable)/satellite. Can do the job as well. It’s all there!

























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