Because! Neither is worthy to shine my shoes!

Hillary has Benghazi to contend with. Trump has his comments about women!

The debates were so very childish! Trump was even more! In Trump’s camp. Too many people going in/out of his camp. Hillary! Holding steady!

Any! Political party. Does not have to stick with their parties platform at all. Nor their own platform.

Trump is stopping short of saying! He is President! His facial expressions! Are a stitch!

From the GOP convention. Trump was getting ready to throw a “Trumpertantum” if he did not get the nomination. And the GOP got scared. The GOP wanted to come off like? “All is well” with the GOP.

I see Trump sending us off to war that is clearly! Not needed. It would not surprise me if? The GOP loses “BIG TIME”! “AGAIN!”!

Hillary Clinton is as solid as any candidate can get. Trump on the other hand? All over the place! You cannot run a country/Government the same way Trump is running his real estate business.

Because he has money? He thinks he is going to win? “Get off the pile Trump”!

*f you look at it. Very carefully!  Benghazi! is not that big of a deal. Then what Trump has in head! .























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