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It was on a Friday! I was at home watching the Mike Douglas show on TV. At that time, it was on at 12:30 pm. It was around 1:)0pm. When his show was interrupted by the news. Then they came back (his show was done live at that time!) Him & his gusts continued on as if nothing happened.

Then he told the TV audience that someone came up and informed them about it. That! And the whole entire weekend was preempted what happened. The network took over that days and all weekend and Monday afternoon programing.

At that time! There was only 3 TV stations and 3 networks in operation.

As I recall! The outside was all quiet! All stores, bars closed because of it. But it was a weekend of action! Arresting Lee Harvey Oswald, then the next day. He was shot and killed.

We can only think of how he would have been. If did live.















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