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I guess it’s because my parents were not sports fans either. They were blue collar people. And here I am, neither here or there about it as well.

Don’t get me wrong! I like watching sports. But as far as getting all worked up? Nowhere to be found!

Of course some of my tastes in sports are not the same as some here in the USA. I like? Cricket, handball (both versions), and many more. So far! The only game I don’t really like is baseball. Slowest game there is. I have been to baseball games. Still not a fan of it. I can’t blame my parents for it.

I have met a woman who! Did not understand why? Such a big deal over a ball? (her words! Not mine!).

I’m one that. If the home team wins? Great! If not? there’s always the next game or next season.

To me! I just can’t see! Getting all worked up over a game?

But! Because of radio & TV! I’m not missing a thing!














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