It was in 1970. My mom bought me my very first camera. A Polaroid colorpack 2.

No sooner I got it! I began taking pictures. Anything that did/did not move? I took a picture of it! Seeing pictures of what I took. In B & W 30 seconds. Color 60 seconds.

My parents! As low income as they were. Because of my dad working as a warehouse man. We were able to get many things and have it taken out his check each week.

It lead to buying a Kodak pocket camera. In the 70’s! It came with stickers to (as they put it!) individualize your camera. There was some guy. That had the same sticker that I had. He said to me:”That’s my id sticker!” “Take it off!”  Of course! I did not! The stickers came with each & every pocket camera.  So! Carbon copies!

I was like a kid in a candy store!!!!!!
















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