I was 22 when I met someone. But! that was where and when! It all came to an end.  Needless to say! “If I knew then!” “What I know now!”. comes into play.

Little did I know. She had her own plans. All hers! Not the family. It turned out that she was a “narcissist”. the list is way too long to go down here.

She did not like the way she was being treated by her parents. She always wanted attention 24/7! But! when her younger sister was born. All attention went to her because her was born with c/p.

The only way she could get attention from her dad was. Knowing all about country music! Then I came along. That’s when she kicked in her plans. To use me to get out of her parents house.

I think my reason for finding someone was. All the friends I had! Went off, found someone, got married. And I was left with……..ME!

She did her absolute best to hold on to me. Got married, had 2 kids. During that time. She tried to get me to think she was in love with me. Did not work! Almost! But not quite!

It all went downhill form there.

When one is single! Life takes on a different meaning. Marriage! The same! After what I went through. Being single again! It has it’s moments. But! I believe that I am more happier now! than being married to her.

I did not go through all the things she said and did to me over the years! For one thing! It would give somebody ideas!

So! While you are looking for that someone!


Know! the person extremely well!!!!!!!!!!

No one ever wants a “Command performance!” Of what they have gone through!

I think we all make the same mistake of? Finding someone, and love and the rest will follow!

“GET OFF THE PILE!!!!!!!!”

Love can only do so little! OH!!!!!! But that little while your in that one of a kind relationship! Love can do so much!














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