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Here it is! two yrs. since my boot from them. For two yrs. I was doing alright. A little over three yrs.! It starts to settle in. Not really missing them because of what they did to me over the 35 yrs. with them.

I think it’s because of me! Being all by myself. The holidays and all. It could be? Just being around them. You know! That sense of being around people during this time of the season.

But! I am in (thanks/no thanks to her!) a heated/ac apartment, cable, internet, phone, food, walking distance of what I need.

To which she (the narcissist!) with intent! Made me live in deplorable conditions. Because! I did not conform/comply to her! (if you know what the word means you know why!).

Little does she know! She did me a favor and a blessing in disguise!

I guess it’s just a matter of!

Riding out the storm!

Sorry! for making my posts so short.












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