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Where! Each country! and it’s people! Live in peace & harmony as one.


Problems are solved via community government. That’s on a country to country basis. The thought of war! Is “THE” last resort.

Government budgets. Are solved via What is affordable and what is not by its own people And Governments. Working as one.A real, true form of Government. Uf, by, for the people it serves.

Healthcare! Is the same way as the UK has it.

Each and every country! Solves it’s own problem. And it’s objectively is! To make it’s citizens happy!

Education system! Is the same but! The +/- factor does not vary that much. It will only go to show that! We are the same. But not by much. Each country sees the things in their own way on all things.

Each country! Takes care of their own people as well as it’s senior citizens. No matter what it may be.

Children! Are given any and every opportunity to expand and grow in their own way. But! Not to a point where they end up as “lost sheep” in need of a Sheppard.

I cannot! Say that! “no religion”  does not come into play here! Simply because? It does! No matter how one may try to deny it!

It did take someone! To make this come about,. this is not the “BIG BANG ” crap as some may like to think it did!

It took a human to make all these things that we use!

So! Where does this “BIG BANG” come into place?

I am not saying that! All should come to “GOD” to the contrary!

What I am saying is!

This “big bang” crap! needs to be looked at more intensively!

Than to believe what comes out of someone’s mouth.

YES! We are free to believe in whatever we want.

It was said best by someone who said:” I would love to choose a religion!” “but! I’m afraid that if I do!” “it would be the wrong one!”

Apparently! This is this is the route most of us take.

Why? This country was” FOUNDED  “on/by god”!

There is a common belief that we all must believe in something. What that something is? Still remains to be answered!

Ther are some who believe in someone/something stronger than us.

















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