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I can remember! My parents had a savings account at a nearby bank. Little did I know! What my parents had in mind. The bank had a little coin card. This was for dimes. Where over time. You could save $3.00. IDNY? But they had me save my dimes in it. Perhaps! It was their way of saving money? Or it was so they could save “some” money. With my help.

My parents were on welfare. And with dad going from job to job. Money was tight!

What got me to think about it was?  At savings advice.com. Had this: coin challenge.

Where anyone can save even a nickel on up! There is 1 thing to keep in mind! You can save! But! Don’t touch until the last day of the year.

Some of you may have seen a TV ad for insurance. Where the guy takes his loose change. and puts it in a Mason jar. The same concept. Can work for anyone as well.

Here’s the thing! Let’s say that? You’re at the midway point of the year in saving.and you have to tap into your coin bank.

You can always continue saving! Things do happen in life!

Don’t let something/someone! Deter you from saving! What if? You did not start to save? And something did come up? Think before you speak!!!!!!!













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