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We all have that someone who we like, love, learn, follow in our life. It does not matter! If it is someone who is either alive/deceased.

There is always something about that (special) person(s). YES! you can have more than one!

If it is someone from the past? Life & times were much simpler than Vs. today. But! Even way back then! there is still something to learn from them.

Even the ones who are not on our list. It’s their credibility as the person they were/are. That makes them significant/special/stand out.  What they said, did can and does make all the difference in the world. If they did not? We would not know or recall them.

Abe lincoln comes to mind! How he took on problems, issues of that time. More than likely! He knew. His decisions he made would not be popular or liked. But he knew they had to be made. And he did.

FDR! Is another one. YES! He started the Federal deficit. But given the times of the great depression. He too! Had to do what he had to do.

JFK! He was in the true sense! “COOL” in his decisions.

It’s been said that: “We need role models!”. No! Role models “FAIL!”. Because they are human too!

We do not see it! If we cann0t see “perfection” in ourselves? How can it exist? Simple! It does not!

Children! watch their parents more than the parents think they do!

Being a parent is much more of a serious job! then when out parents raised us!

WAY!!!!!! TOO!!!!!!!! MUCH!!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!! GOING!!!!!! ON!!!!! & DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!









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