After living with a narcissist for over 40 years. I have begun to think: “Do I really want another woman in my life?

All those years of being married to,”Lucifer’s daughter!

I am still thinking about it.At this point! Living with a woman is would be nice. But! Because of her. She has made me think seriously about if marriage is what I want to try again?

It’s not so much the “Narcissism” part of it. It’s more.

The way some women are with this mentality, attitude about themselves and how “they think” Of how a relationship should be or is. That becomes the problem in “their”relationship with their man.

I do not want to go down the endless list of what “she” thinks. Not enough “toilet paper” to go around for that!
I know in general! Men do not compromise. But women (not all!) do.

Some try to “copy” their relationship to be just like their parents is. Some do not. In some way! I believe that. Women think more with their hearts than with their minds. Why? IDK?

But if I did decide to do so?

Would she have to have? Looks, style, shape, and! Have an excellent mind on her as well. Also! She has to be younger than I!,

I know! It sounds weird! Me! Wanting a woman who has an excellent mind!!!!! Why not? I believe that! A real, true woman has a lot to give and talk about in a relationship! Notice! I said Real, true woman! Their women! And then! There are women!!!!!

It all depends on whom they want to become as well as what they want to make of themselves.,

It’s not a tall order at all!

After over 40 years of complete “NOTHING!”

The time has come me to take my time and find her. Not lowering my specs as who she has to be? I did that! It got me nowhere fast!

And you thought I had on the one thing! Like all the other guys do?








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