Ever since I found out that my ex! Is a “FULL BLOWN” narcissist! It got me to thinking? Comparing her to me mom. Even my mom was one. From that time on. Either I am or have been attracted to people who are in any amount!

There was a time when. I wanted to move out. I asked mY mom if I could? Did she “EXPLODE”! She said “NO”! From that time on! My mom made sure! The rest of my life was hell! You talk about “PRESSURE”! That only a mom can bring to her only son.

In later years. It was similar to what my mom did to me. It happened when I made the absolute mistake of marrying my ex! All because I did not “CONFORM & COMPLY” to her as she thinks all men have to do.

When I got my very first job on down! I found myself “NARCISSIST” at any, every and all amount(s).

The workers I met and worked with. We are all! “MINDBLOWERS”!

To those of you who even think! You know what Narcism is? Think again!

One can get confused as to which is which? There are people who are either? An ass, hypocrite, narcissist or! People who truly love themselves as we have all heard the cliche’: “LOVE YOURSELF”

It’s hard to love oneself! When do you not know how to?







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