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When you are a kid. With parents who raised you from little to no parenting. They leave you with more fears than any kid can handle.

I grew up not knowing what’s what! What to expect from life itself. The human race as well.

When I started school! My mom did not tell me why I had to go to school. I just had to go that’s all. The hard part of going to school was? The teachers! Young kids! Meeting the “real” old shool” teachers. I had to convert to each and every teacher because of the ways and means each teacher had as to how to teach the class.

Paddling! Was the normal punishment at the time. either a yardstick of paddling. One fmr. the student brought in a block of wood for one of his teachers and asked him if he wanted him to make him a paddle? He agreed! Each and every time one of his students acted up! He would say:”just wait until I get my paddle!” “you will be the 1st one to get it!”


I can remember! At home. Watch tv! Tv stations would air public service announcements (PSA”S). There would be a certain amount of scariness in them. I think it was to get the viewers attention. It sure got mine!

One was about seat belts, smoking, air pollution. It’s the way! they went about it! That increased my fears.

I think our biggest fear is! Not knowing of the what’s to come! Has to be no.1! We all have that!

It’s worse when you’re a kid with parents! But! they are nowhere to be found when you needed them.

Today! My fears have been reduced to little! to none! I do have my usual everyday fears as anyone does. But in my 60’s! They are not as bad as they were in my younger years.









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