Because! In my last disastrous marriage! I bypassed friendship! And got married! Bad thing to do!

Now! This weekend. I have learned all about my enemy aka the ex even more.

And I learned about the how to’s! In finding that special someone for me. I think we all. Do not really know the how to’s and the what we have in mind Vs. What do we get?

For some. They come close but not close enough for that someone. Looking back! I was nowhere to be found! When it came to her (the ex).

Now! I will not rule out anyone but! I will have both eyes open for when she does come along.

I know what my first requirement/specification is!

Starting out! As friends first! This is where the seed of friendship and relationships start and begin.

It seems like? No one really, truly wants that. Why? IDK? It maybe that. In this life & time, day & age. Women want a real! Relationship. While guys? Will do/say anything just to get some sex! And what do women get in the long & short term? Screwed! In more ways than one!

With me! Sex is the last thing! In my mind! I want to get to know the woman. And for her to get to know me as well. As I said! Friendship/relationship.

The things that I look for in a woman are?

The usual! Looks, style, shape! But! What really attracts me to a woman is? Her mind!!!!!!!!!

I want someone that I can talk to. Not just the other things.

To give you an idea about my standards/requirements!. low! Narcissistic! All have it! Some! More than others!
Attitude: Just to make clear! Taking care of herself! How many times have we seen women? Who just! Put anything on, let their hair, make-up (or none) and just go looking like either! They just came off the streets from an all night. Or a bad drug trip! Or! They just do not care about themselves at all!
Loves life, her man, her family!
Is in it for the long term/haul!
Kids! At my age? (61!) I have to say No!
She does not care about whom makes the most money at all! She & I are working on/for the same thing(S).
Does not believe in! Yelling, hollering, screaming!
We plan things in life!
Comprise? An option!
Always! Talking to one another!
Always! Being there for each other!
Hanging! Tough! No matter what!
To you ladies! Is it way!!!!! Too much for you?



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