After spending over 35 years. With her!

I’ve come to a decision that. For now! I do not want a woman. After what I went through!

When I was with her! She tried to rule me. As if she was is “GOD”

I told her: “Since you proclaim to be GOD. “There’s lake Erie” “walk to the Canadien shoreline and back. And then turn the water into wine. “oh! make it white wine so I know you did your job. She has yet to do it!

As I said in my other posts! I know I have to now look for? Narcissism. As in? How much have they of it? Not just the normal things.

I am not alone in this! Someone in my family. Is thinking and feeling the same as I!

When I was single in the beginning. I wanted to get married so bad! As my other friends did. And I did! Foolishly! Without knowing her. That! Is where all the cards come falling down!

NOW! For the time. I think not! Because when you are single again. You taste what freedom is all about.

Some people will say: “I’ve found my newly discovered freedom. When in the real world! We who become single again. It’s “My rediscovered freedom. When you are single the first time around! Things are ltd.! But! When you’re single again? You find there is much more into life itself!

I think! When it comes to what I went through. I have to say that. For now! I just want to concentrate on me.


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