On 09/01/2014!


The ex (wishful thinking at this point!) thought I would not make it. This is what happens when you are married to an abusive narcissist! They are mostly found in men. Some women as well.

They are mostly found in men. Some women as well. Abusive narcissist makes you think, feel, believe! You cannot do a thing without them. Little did she know! With the help of my “half” sister. I was able to reprogram and convert to the single life again. It was hard! But I made it!

I can! Eat, drink, smoke, get whatever I want! Without her telling me; badlyThat’s too expensive”! “That! Will shoot up your blood sugar”! The list is endless!

No more! Arguments, yelling, screaming, hollering all from out of nowhere! The abusive narcissist will start things and accuse you of anything/everything. They love to blame the spouse for doing this! Doing that! But do not you blame them fo the crap they do/says! They do want to hear of it. Even though they create their own problems and blame you for it.

I know! She has told her brother and sisters how dumb I am. How bad I treated her (when it’s the other way around!). They love to make them look good! While mouthing you behind your back, sometimes in front of you.

I have seen what is called “The family portrait”! She stands out bigger than the capital rotunda! That’s because! When we were expecting kids! And after. She let herself go! That’s why! Even her dad nagged her about losing it. In one ear! Out the other!

Now! I do not have to go through all that!

It does have its moments. Where it does get lonely at times. But! None of her to be had.

Has all this made me bitter? I do not think so!

Although! It has made me even more cautious in finding someone. All because of the “abusive narcissist”!










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