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All my life! From my parents! To me!

I have lived the “Apartment life”!

From public housing to multiple dwellings, renting houses, to leasing an apartment. I think I’ve done it all.

I have encountered. Income property owners complain about “Water usage” The cost of repair/replacing something. Etc, etc.

When it comes to being a tenant! That is something different!

I happen to live in the basement aka the bunker” of an apartment complex. I inherited problems from both! The previous apartment management, the previous tenant, to current apartment management. “AM I LUCKY! OR WHAT?”

Since I moved in! Have I had? Problems as in? Roaches, bedbugs, fleas, holes made by the previous tenant, leaking bathroom ceiling, winged ants, winged ants that have come in via the bathroom wall, lying & bullshitting maintenance man. The list is endless!

The things that a tenant encounters? Are the little things that! Other tenants do not even bother to think about other tenants at all.

The common one is? Using the shower that sometimes the other person does not think that at the same time! Another tenant also wants to use the hot water as well as many.

When you live in a multiple dwelling. You will encounter many things other tenants will do behind your back! When my parents and I lived in one. The other would use my parent’s hot water to wash their clothes by. And talk to my mom about how low their gas bill is.

This one multiple dwelling had a rear cottage in the back. When we first moved in. The guy who live in it. Always complained about our dog leaving dog crap on his porch! How did he know it was our dog that did it? Did he take it to a lab and have it analyzed?

The interesting thing about this place! It was a “heartbreak hotel” of sorts. Couples would have problems with their love life! You may or may not believe.

My mom! Became the “therapist” to talk to about it.

My parents became rental agents for the owner. The damages! Tenants leave!!!!!

There was one tenant! That has this “thing” about Budweiser! When he left! There were holes in the walls, He did not care what nails he used. Any and every kind/type he used to hang his wallhangings with.

I have seen! Tenants vacate their apartment and leave their belongings behind. Why? IDK!

The way apartment owners operate? Screwy af! Some are good! Others? Not so good. Because they all are trying to save And cut corners anywhere/everywhere! At the tenant’s expense.
























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