Do we have to keep the cycle going?

From the time we are able to understand and comprehend. From our parents, kids on the street, school, workplace, and all around us. We encounter many different kinds/types of abuse. Verbal and psychical.

From our parents! They clearly! Do not know the how to’s of raising a child. So! What do they do? Repeat what they experienced from their parents. And pass it on down to their kid. Aside from the child. Basic parenting is relatively easy. Unfortunately! Do we not know what? “Common sense” is all about!

When I was raising my kids. What I did was? Do the opposite of what my parents did. That means? Being a better parent to my kids. Then my parents were to me. I was a much better father to them.

Of course! they encountered the same things We all did when we were growing up as well.

The whole idea of parenting is? Giving our kids a better life growing up. Then we did. But! No one is getting it! Why? Simple! We only concern ourselves with knowing how to make a buck! And doing what it takes to survive. That is it!

What happens to the kids? It ends being something similar to what I went through with my parents. The least amount of parenting.

Then! The kids end up learning either from the streets! Or via rap, hip-hop artists or both! I am not one for “role models!” Because! Even role models fail! Gone! Are those days!

It is very hard! To stop the cycle of abuse. In one form or another. And try not to pass it on to our kids.

If we cannot find/figure out. How to raise our kids the way they should be raised? They will end up even screwier than we are!













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