I will be updating this as time goes on.

From being on my own. For three years. I should know something!

From going to “Aldi’ to “GFS” (Gordon Food Service”) And all things in-between! There are many different ways.

I go to GFS to buy my favorites! Food service trays of lasagna to mac & cheese, ravioli, so much more. This helps me stretch my food supply until the next month.

What I do with the food service cans of “chef-boy-ardee’s” ravioli. I take the sauce and use it when making other kinds of pasta.

When? And where possible! Always! Buy in bulk!

What lots of people do not know is that! You can reduce your electric bill dramatically!

Simply be unplugging what items you are not using at the time. An electrician informed me about it. IT WORKS! You will see the difference in about 2-3 months! Provided you stick to it!

I am not a “coupon clipper!” I think it’s a waste of time! Provided you know where the good deals are? Even if in those places that accept coupons. You are that much further ahead.

Not many of us. Know that! When you have bottles of body wash, shampoo dish soap and then some. What I do is. Turn the bottles upside down. It may seem silly! But! In due time, you will see a difference. You will not be going to the store as much. And buying the same thing because of it.

In buying anything that hs the energy star on it. Do so. That is where you can really save! Only if! You have to! Do not go to these other grocery stores like Save-a-lot and others. Only if necessary.

Cell phones! This! Is one close to everyone’s heart! Always!!!! Look for the best talk, text, data rates you can find. Even if you have to buy the phone. Depending on. The data you use. It’s still the best way to go. Some have extras! It just takes the time to find it.

I need to point out! You still need “Landline” service. Because! If the power goes out. Or! The power grid goes down! What do you have left? Cell phones last while the battery does! Then what?

During the “cold months!” Is the heat still enough? Try “space heaters”. Even the low priced one’s work. Weatherproofing! Using plastic sheets can work as well. Do not! Buying something because it says it’s for covering the windows and doors. What it says! Vs. What it really does? Two different things.















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