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Nikki Haley: ‘Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections’ | TheHill

Source: Haley: ‘Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections’ | TheHill  What is this? Anyone & everyone in the Trump administration has diarrhea of the mouth?

Sure sounds like it! It seems like? “If the President can “run off at the mouth!” I can too!”

This is very disturbing, to say the least. There is a tradition where! The President leads! And the rest will follow. With respect, dignity, honor, always mindful of any and all things, people, places. President Trump! Is following with tradition but! In an “ass” backward way! As well as being an “ass”!

And his administration is following him as well. By disrespecting him and the office of the President.

The old saying comes to mind! “if everyone! “Poured gasoline on themselves!” “and lit themselves on fire!” “you would do the same?”

Apparently! So!

Could it be? Trump’s age and state of mind? He is confusing? His real estate business with running the federal government as being one of the same?

Sire looks like it!