The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends

These are the keys to maintaining long-term connections.

Source: The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends

Granted! we did not come into this world. With a manual in tow! When reading the article. There are things that I do have! Then there are things I don’t have!

We all! Can make friends. It’s the deeper, meaningful, emotional side of a friendship that makes our life that much more filling.

The one thing that makes is so hard to find a true friend is “being open with them and us.” I think the reason is that! We all take our “knocks” in the world. After that! It does make it that harder to trust anyone.

As we grow up. We develop our own definition of friendship. It may be right. It may be wrong. But as we go through this world. Little do we know! We re-define that meaning. In each relationship we have.

If we look at the basic need, want. Then! Find that friendship. We can start to be happy.

We will encounter! People who will come close. But not close enough. We know it as “the process of elimination!” We go through it every day. What’s one more?