Should I? Or shouldn’t I?

I have been thinking. Should I go looking for a woman? Or not? 

With a woman! I’d have to share. W/o! I can have it all to myself.

The joys of being single again!

Granited! No sex! But! You cannot have 1! W/o the other.

I would love to establish a friendship with a woman. And see where it develops!

I can remember when I was a teenager. Sex with the last thing on my mind. I just wanted a girl that I can do what we used to call rapping in the backseat of a car. The stuff that the rock group Journey things about. Hugging, touching, squeezing, kissing each other. No sex either! In my day was not the point at least with me. Other guys Numero Uno! 

As far as shacking up goes? I’m still not sure about that one. 🤔

When you spent close to 40 years! Being married to a wife who just happens to be? An abusive narcissist! In Drag!

I keep thinking of to Elton John songs. 1. Someone Saved My Life Tonight. 2. No sacrifice. 

I have found that a narcissist always trying to maintain a certain self image of themselves. They try to be the most absolute perfection to a fault. Blameless! people (if you can call them that!) I unfortunately! Have gotten to know.

Why does it always seem like? I find myself encountering! Or being surrounded by narcissists of every type in time and amount of. 

That’s one thing that sort of stopped me in my tracks. The other? What if this one doesn’t work out?

I really don’t have enough standards to really maintain. Type and kind of woman?

I would prefer a younger woman. Someone who does take excellent care of herself. Someone who knows about love!

The ex! Clearly did not!

Although! I have met some mature women. They have been very delightful very Charming. But unfortunately! Some of those women have tattoos as well as these young people!

I’ve always said! That have God wanted me to wear body pains and piercings if you wanted me to wear body pains he would have turn me into a billboard. If he wanted me to wear body piercings will turn me into a kiosk at some department store!

If you the right woman? Is that there? Write to me here and we’ll see what develops? 😀😎🤔


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