I’m so glad it’s over!

I guess I must have been a modern-day Maynard G Krebs!

I think what it’s all of us young people. Is we have this thought, mentality, attitude. Of what and how the workplace is going to be once we enter it.

Only to have our thoughts dreams imagination shattered! We the new school. Encountering the old school.

This is what I encountered at age 17 and my first job was at a printing company. I happen to have met an old world boss.

His philosophy was simple. “Less bullshit! More work!” How’s that for a workplace philosophy?

When it came to our lifeblood client. We did a lot of printing of calendars for one major company. And that one major company! Was the one time of year that I really screwed up! Mixing the wrong customer calendar. With someone else’s order. But! I survived.

  • In the end! The Founders and owners of the printing company. Sold their printing company. To the family lawyer.
  • Even back then. There was a lesson that we all could have learned today.

And that was? Don’t ever sell a business to somebody who is only done one thing and one thing only a great majority of their life! And goes into something else that they don’t know anything about!

And that is exactly what they did.

Little does my boss know. That when the new owner slowly but surely ran the printing company into the ground!

He did both him and I a humongous favor! He laid me off!

Skipping ahead!

One of my jobs I had was a security guard. That is one job where I can honestly say. It’s a nice Pit Stop while you’re in transition between jobs. Just don’t make it your life’s work!

In general. Is safe to say that all security companies to be specific. On arm outside Contracting security companies companies. They hire nothing more nothing less than warm bodies. You can get all kinds of them.

Some who always want to be in charge of something but they just don’t know how to go about it. They will try to rule that guard post you know these are just plain everyday Warm Bodies of armed security guards. They will try to come off to be in charge. You will also find a narcissist. And there are some people who are in charge of an account or of a post. They take their title and run wild in their so-called brains.

I once worked at a clothing warehouse. That! Was another mind blower!

Most of the guys that were hired as well as me. They wanted to be in charge but they just to know how to go about it. Sound familiar?

There was one kid! I dare not call him guy or man because of his mentality and attitude. He bought into one of the women that were recently hired and she to ran just short of the whole company herself by threatening her female co-workers to kick their ass. She told him that I’m lazy I am last one to come to sealing up the boxes after the women package them an hour job of the shipping and receiving guys or to seal up the boxes and get them ready for shipment.

Heap on into This Woman’s crap! And believed it!

I took as much of his crap as I could. Finally I had to go to the supervisor. And tell him of the situation. He told this kid. If I wasn’t doing my job! I would have been out of here long ago!

But he was not satisfied. And the first two hours of work. He started complaining that he had a backache and added could sure use the help. I said sure just let me know when you need to help. He repeated his complaint I repeated my response

Finally the supervisor heard him complain. Long story short the kid got laid off!

There was a woman who was the foreperson. When I was in the process of getting hired over there. One of the requirements was to take a psychological test. And the supervisor at that time. Evaluated me and claimed that I had excellent math skills. And they gave me a sampling of what they had in stock. iWin data many inventory. Came back! Both of supervisor and the woman in charge. Look at each other the woman went to confirm. Came back and said that I was right. From that time on! I I was Prime objective, axe to grind, the male version of a Witch Hunt.

She would always be looking for ways to get rid of me in more ways than one. She couldn’t! But when I had to leave with my family for Connecticut. Before I even set one foot on the stairwell. She was clapping cheering! As I Departed. Can’t see that I was happy myself either!

From all the jobs they held down. I’m just glad it’s all over!


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