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Source: Want Earn Money Writing Online? Earn More Writing Course Review | Money Manifesto 

Don’t get me wrong!

There is nothing wrong with making money (online!).

I write online because? It’s fun, a pleasure, interesting, to write.

I write with “none specific in mind.” I don’t believe in staying one place. I heard this one during a NASCAR race: “If you stay in one place for a long time!” “you will learn the tricks to stay there? !”.

As most of you know. I am diversified! As in? Whatever!

I would say? Start out doing it for  “FUN!”. Then branch out!

But! Don’t “sellout!”

If you sell out! It will take away the “Quality”, content, flavor, mostly! The fun, joy of your work.

Don’t write because you have to! Write because it’s “FUN!” Once something is not fun!

In the immortal words of Harry Chapin: “Full-time consideration of another endeavor!” “might be in order!!!!!!”



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My mom worked for a millionaire family that once owned a print shop. At this place! You had to know someone in order to get in. Because of my mom. I got in via the President of the company. (NO! I DID NOT DO AK!)

I worked in the shipping/receiving department. The boss was an old school guy. He took an immediate disliking to me. Can’t say I did not either!

When I got my first paycheck! It was for $65.52 after taxes and all. When I got home. My mom had her hand out and said: “Give me $20.00 for the board!” Shocked but I did. Then she said to me: “Let’s go to the drive-in!” “I always wanted to go to the drive-in!” We did!

I got paid on Thursday’s. The interesting thing was! By Friday came around. I was broke. But! Mom always had money for me the rest of next week for me.  We had our usual places. Dinner, movie, beverage store, home.  A few years later. I bought an Electra 225! Crapy spray paint job! But! It was mine! I went places as I did when I was a teen on my bike.

Then! I made the most blunderous mistake of my life! I got married! 35 years later! I am on my own! And happy about it!

There is no feeling when! You get your very first paycheck!