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Granted! we are raised differently. But! there has to be a time/point where! Either you moved from one place. To another. And you felt like more than a “stranger in a foreign land”. The surroundings were different, The area was not quite the way you thought it was to be.

Example! When My parents and my half-sisters and I moved. The whole area we moved to. Was very different! This was at a time when. The playing field was level. The people who lived in the inner-city could move. But did not. These were the “well-to-do families”.

They were nice to me! Better than my parents were! When I got to meet and know some of their kids! That! Was the shape of things to come!

Spoiled brats! In their parent’s eyes! They could do no wrong at all. As long as the parents did not know.

But! I did do something looking back, I should not have done. It was on a Friday. In the wintertime. The snow was about eight inches. The cars were stuck, we kids loved helping the motorists out. Later in the afternoon. One of the people asked us to shovel their driveway for them. We did. When it came to spliting a roll of pennies, I took the money and ran! Because at that time. We were on welfare. And that was the biggest amount of money I ever seen. From that time on. I was the hated kid on the block.

We came from an area where. Everyone was nice, friendly, to you. Not like over there.

When you’re a kid. And your parents have raised abusively! You are left to be raised by yourself! and not knowing it. They expect you to learn and know anything! Everything! ASAP! Impossible!

When I lived in that area. That! Is where I felt dumped!