The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends

These are the keys to maintaining long-term connections.

Source: The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends

Granted! we did not come into this world. With a manual in tow! When reading the article. There are things that I do have! Then there are things I don’t have!

We all! Can make friends. It’s the deeper, meaningful, emotional side of a friendship that makes our life that much more filling.

The one thing that makes is so hard to find a true friend is “being open with them and us.” I think the reason is that! We all take our “knocks” in the world. After that! It does make it that harder to trust anyone.

As we grow up. We develop our own definition of friendship. It may be right. It may be wrong. But as we go through this world. Little do we know! We re-define that meaning. In each relationship we have.

If we look at the basic need, want. Then! Find that friendship. We can start to be happy.

We will encounter! People who will come close. But not close enough. We know it as “the process of elimination!” We go through it every day. What’s one more?









What if Your Friend Does Not Want to Make Up

If your friend is still angry with you, he or she might want to stay away rather than make up.

Source: What if Your Friend Does Not Want to Make Up

When friendships “break up, end. The hardest part of all is! “Mending fences” Aka! Forgiving and moving on as friends. Sometimes there is no “as before” because one or the other has a different way, attitude about the two of you.

It is unfortunate that! We have not learned how to “forgive”. We are “HUMAN!”. We do make mistakes! We say, do things we don’t mean. I think the reason for that is! If and when! there is an argument. We say things in the “heat of the moment” just to get the “upper hand” in the argument. Then later? We regret what we said.

This! Is where/when we have an even tougher time in apologizing for what was said. Because! the other feels:”you said what you meant, that’s more than enough!”.

We can only wish! “Time heals all wounds!”.



Do you feel a little weird because you don’t have a best friend?

Many people feel weird about not having a best friend, but this type of close relationship might not be good in every situation.

Source: Do you feel a little weird because you don’t have a best friend?

After reading the article. I do agree!

Finding a “best friend” is /can be difficult. I have had many friends in the past. Most of them? Not worth knowing!

But! that does not mean. “Giving up!”.

When I was a telemarketer/peddler. There was a law called: “reducing the law of averages!”. It means:”The more no’s you get!. “bring you that much closer to a yes!.

How many yes’s/friends? That’s why it’s called:”reducing the law of averages!”.

We go through life meeting many people/friends. What makes life that much more interesting is? Which one is or can be? My BFF/bae (soulmate)?

Think about this!

The people we meet. Are looking/expecting the same as we do! But! They and us! Either prejudge or expect the other to be that BFF/BAE as well. what happens is? We/they pre-expect too soon! Then! that friendship dissolves as fast as it began!

In general! A relationship does take the time to grow. It cannot be rushed, pushed. If you do? Something might be missed. That could have been (more) real, true, meaningful, honest, lasting.