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My mom worked for a millionaire family that once owned a print shop. At this place! You had to know someone in order to get in. Because of my mom. I got in via the President of the company. (NO! I DID NOT DO AK!)

I worked in the shipping/receiving department. The boss was an old school guy. He took an immediate disliking to me. Can’t say I did not either!

When I got my first paycheck! It was for $65.52 after taxes and all. When I got home. My mom had her hand out and said: “Give me $20.00 for the board!” Shocked but I did. Then she said to me: “Let’s go to the drive-in!” “I always wanted to go to the drive-in!” We did!

I got paid on Thursday’s. The interesting thing was! By Friday came around. I was broke. But! Mom always had money for me the rest of next week for me.  We had our usual places. Dinner, movie, beverage store, home.  A few years later. I bought an Electra 225! Crapy spray paint job! But! It was mine! I went places as I did when I was a teen on my bike.

Then! I made the most blunderous mistake of my life! I got married! 35 years later! I am on my own! And happy about it!

There is no feeling when! You get your very first paycheck!