My first! bad habit is? Biting my toenails as a kid! I can’t do since I was a teen! But! I still bite my fingernails! Why? IDK!.

I have very (or so I think!) few rituals, habits.

My day begins. Trying to wake up! Go to the bathroom (my mom always told me. She would always have to wake up at six am everyday. Or I would wet the bed). Go into the living room. BTW! I’m not one for the morning news. Try! To find something to watch!

Lately! I have found myself watching TCM. Some sports if not soccer. turn on the pc, check emails, read from news aggregates, check twitter, read online newspapers from around the world (TY! google chrome!), post, try to come up with topics/subjects to write about.

Hardly! Ever eat breakfast, lunch! Dinner? YES!

Mostly canned foods, still trying to come up with something to cook. I scorch! Not burn things!

I have a ipad! where I listen to the police and it’s sometimes hilarious what goes over the air. Today! 4 police cars ran out of gas! There goes the crime rate!!!!!

In the evening! I do try to watch sports. but! I’m not a sports fan! Go figure?

On cable! there’s a lot of soccer, UFC crap I could lose my cookies on!

I thought I had a lot! Of habits!

But! I guess not!

Or do i???????