Ever since I was a kid. I always had an interest in things. It did not matter what it was. From breaking up toys my mom would buy me! To audio equipment to music and then some!

I always wanted to see how my toys worked. I break them up! And see how they work. My next interest was music. I guess it was because of my two “half” sisters. In the kitchen! After they did the dishes. They would turn on the AM radio and listen to rock-n-roll, soul. I had no choice but to listen to it.

When was I about? Eleven years old. My music tastes changed. Al because my mom had a Columbia “non-breakable” vinyl recording of the nutcracker suite opus 71a. It was on the b-side. There was a track of “none but the lonely heart” that got me.

Where I used to live. There was a used merchandise mart that sold vinyl 45 rpm records for ten cents. What got my attention? Where they would sell RCA Victor “red seal” records. These were the ones that had recordings of classical music. Each time I saw them! I bought them. At the same time! I also listened to classical music on the radio. That time. There was only three fine arts station.

Then! My musical tastes changed again! This time. It went to traditional jazz! Here to! There was only one jazz station. This lasted for about three years.

Then I went back to rock-n-roll! I did not really miss much. I think! It was just what I needed.

During those three years. I had an interest in of all things! Keys”! Form me it was very interesting. How each key was cut, the shape of both the key and the handle.

And I had interests in?

Shortwave! My dad brought home a shortwave radio. I listened to it! That was it! I love! Listening to the world!

Maps! My mom would bring home back issues of National geographic. Inside some issues. They had maps of different parts of the world. I remember one time. In grade school. The teacher gave us a blank map. And asked us to write down the names of countries we could identify? I was only on in my class! That got; A- The reason why? I could not id Italy.

Clearly! I “Hated” school! To me! There was nothing interesting to learn. Math, English, social studies! WTF?????????

Science, art, gym! That! Was more my speed! But it also took certain teachers. To get my interest All the teachers I had? Each one of them! “Inconsistent”! At how they teach.

It could be because? There are so many things to learn and know out there!