I have forty yrs. of experience in relationships/marriage.

All men and women are different! When it comes to these things. Some have this idea of the right girl. Women have that idea of the right guy. Unfortunately! They collide!

I had my idea of the right girl. But! As you know. It was not meant to be. Now! What have I in mind? Is not there.


It seems that! guys today. Are more into the play. Than any commitment of any kind/type to anyone. Sorry guys! But! Guys are not sure about anything/everything.They try to come off like they do but! They don’t!

There are women! Who are no better than the guys as well. There are intelligent, smart women. But! Some who only want a guy to take care of them forever. Those are the ones who are dumb as …..you know!

I would prefer a woman who I can talk, share, inform along the why. As for SEX? Of course! But! For me! sex is somewhere in-between (no play/pun intended).

Some men make the mistake of listening to what their friends tell them about women. It usually ends up being wrong. When boys grow up! They do take their cues from their dad. And when they do grow up (misleading I know!). They also listen to what their dads tell them or, they go by what they encounter on how dad treats their mom and carbon copy it.

Cheating! Why? Who knows?

Boredom, tiredness with the same person.  Someone better?  Perhaps! Not always.

Are we making a huge mistake? In our gf/bf? Wife? Only time will tell!





















IT’S BEEN A ROUGH WEEK! BUT! I MADE IT! 04.11.2016-04.16.2016

I went through one hell of a week!

Several months ag0. I tried “online dating”. Word of advice! “DON’T BOTHER’!

Both are from Nigeria. One claimed to be from the USA. But! As I went along. she was a b& r (Born & Raised) Nigerian.

It was simple and easy. But! In due time. It was not. She always claimed she needed money. The other the same.

The one asked me for my address, she did not tell me why. But! We “ALL” learn as we go along (or we hope we do?). She dumped polo’s, shoes on my doorstep. Why? Who knows. But! If you’re going to run a scam. The last thing you would do is? Send the other person clothes & shoes! What a waste! Of “Nigerian” money!

I called the police when she and her so-called lawyer was going to call the FBI on me. I called the police and tried to tell them about it. They said (in the long & short of it!) not to be concerned. I asked: “What about the polos & shoes?” They said : “Sell them and recoup your losses”. Keep in mind! I did not send her any money at all!

The next! Is the one who claimed to be from the USA. But! As we went along. She did let it be known that! She is a Nigerian. She knew way too much about Nigeria, to be from the USA.

She tried! To get me to open a checking account so she could deposit her loan from a Nigerian bank. Did not do it!


She also! Sent me a cashiers check and told me when I get it! To cash it! When the check came. I contacted the bank it came from (it was from a bank in the USA!). I was informed. It was fraudulent! I told her what I found out. She “Pissed” a BITCH about it! Normal response!

I blocked both of them.

Online dating is what most people think it is!

There have been many people! Who have been taken in by these people from Africa and! Other parts of the world.

There was one! All the way! From New Zealand!

There are people on facebook! The proclaim to be from the USA. But! Are not. I met one who claimed to live in NYC! Then she claimed to be from Canada. she said she was working in Virginia. Here’s the fun part!

Every other time she would try to spell “Virginia!” She would spell it “Vagina”.

After all this! I got out of the facebook groups!

I would rather be alone! Then go through what I went through!

Let this be a lesson to you!