There is not anyone among us! Who has not liked/loved anything about their workplace? If it is not the company, management, bosses! It’s the people the company hires!

Nutjobs! If ever! All of us carry some type/kind of mentality attitude about how “we” think work should be.

I have met employees! Who have tried to take control of a department! And “slowly!” try to call the shots by going over their bosses head to the President of the company. So that they think! They have s/he in their back pocket.

Only to find out! It “backfired” on them. By ending getting fired!!!!

You do have to give these “Nutjobs” credit! Only for the wasted effort, they made by staging a “Failed coup”

What happens to them after? They go from job to job! It would not surprise me if at their next job? They try Again. people who are supposed to be “in-charge Have this thing! About certain people. The so-called weak, kind of people the bosses go to a point where they abuse them. The bosses! Do find they ones to “Dump” on!

If you are a blue collar worker? Your boss does not care about how tired you are. Because there is a job to be done. When you are tired! So are your coworkers as well. Tempers flare! But! Your boss does not care. Since the job gets done! S/he sheepishly smiles about it!

It is because! Of the state’s employment law! That gives employers. Open hand on doing whatever the employer wants to do.

AFL-CIO can rant & rave about employers, workplace, laws, equal rights about the workplace all they want! What? Are they really doing about it?

Even the unions! Are more concerned about? Padding their own pockets before their members! They are still! Stuck in the 70’s! And how things were way back when?

Unions! Do not have what they used to have back then today!

They want you to think they do! But! In reality? They do! not

So! Where is the employee today? All buy them!

Consider yourself very lucky! If you find a company that has a good wages, benefits.

Unions today! Are still struggling in regaining what they had back then!

The workplace will not get better!

Because of the laws, employer, employees, unions, and the Powers that be!






IT’S BEEN A ROUGH WEEK! BUT! I MADE IT! 04.11.2016-04.16.2016

I went through one hell of a week!

Several months ag0. I tried “online dating”. Word of advice! “DON’T BOTHER’!

Both are from Nigeria. One claimed to be from the USA. But! As I went along. she was a b& r (Born & Raised) Nigerian.

It was simple and easy. But! In due time. It was not. She always claimed she needed money. The other the same.

The one asked me for my address, she did not tell me why. But! We “ALL” learn as we go along (or we hope we do?). She dumped polo’s, shoes on my doorstep. Why? Who knows. But! If you’re going to run a scam. The last thing you would do is? Send the other person clothes & shoes! What a waste! Of “Nigerian” money!

I called the police when she and her so-called lawyer was going to call the FBI on me. I called the police and tried to tell them about it. They said (in the long & short of it!) not to be concerned. I asked: “What about the polos & shoes?” They said : “Sell them and recoup your losses”. Keep in mind! I did not send her any money at all!

The next! Is the one who claimed to be from the USA. But! As we went along. She did let it be known that! She is a Nigerian. She knew way too much about Nigeria, to be from the USA.

She tried! To get me to open a checking account so she could deposit her loan from a Nigerian bank. Did not do it!


She also! Sent me a cashiers check and told me when I get it! To cash it! When the check came. I contacted the bank it came from (it was from a bank in the USA!). I was informed. It was fraudulent! I told her what I found out. She “Pissed” a BITCH about it! Normal response!

I blocked both of them.

Online dating is what most people think it is!

There have been many people! Who have been taken in by these people from Africa and! Other parts of the world.

There was one! All the way! From New Zealand!

There are people on facebook! The proclaim to be from the USA. But! Are not. I met one who claimed to live in NYC! Then she claimed to be from Canada. she said she was working in Virginia. Here’s the fun part!

Every other time she would try to spell “Virginia!” She would spell it “Vagina”.

After all this! I got out of the facebook groups!

I would rather be alone! Then go through what I went through!

Let this be a lesson to you!