It’s been about? Three years! Since I have been on my own.

I can get up! Get ready for whatever! Watch cable, drink, sometimes eat in the morning, check email, feed the kids (aka squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, chipmunk, sparrows, and the rest!). IF! “hard up” They will eat? Prunes! No preference at all! To them? “FOOD IS FOOD”

From the “Life & Times” that I went through with the ex! To now!

The conversion was tough! But! I did make it through. I do go through the same things as everyone does. Trying to make ends meet, pay bills, so on.

It’s in-between! That I have to say! I love the most. Get up when I want, eat whatever I want, watch/read whatever I want! AH! The love of being single again.

When I was single! It was hard. Because when I tried to hit on a girl! They wanted nothing to do with me. Now! I get hit up by women of all ages! But! At the time IDNK it!

I know! It’s not much of a life! But I am enjoying it! The peacefulness, quietness, freedom so much more.

Do I have? “1-sided conversations” with me? Yeah! But! Since I do not answer my own questions! I am doing all right!

Through my living room window! I can watch people, what little traffic there is, the changing of the seasons, watch the “kids eat” Bluejays! Are absolute “GREEDY” when it comes to food! They will SCREECH! When other birds even come close to them & their food!

I’ve learned to cut corners. When it comes to utilities! I unplug anything I am not using at that time. It does show on my bill. , I try to buy in bulk quantities when I go shopping.

YES! It’s a frugal life. But it beats when I was!