When I was a kid!

My mom and my sisters, would ride the subway to m aunt’s house. It was always something I loved. Just riding the rails! In the winter. The rails made this noisy sound. It sounded like? One constant roar of some animal.

It was interesting! when the train departed the the terminal tower from underneath. There were other trains as well. This was at a time when commercial trains were running too. But also! there were trains the public transit had as well underneath.

The public transit trains had in the car. Half the seats were facing one way, while the othe half were facing the opposite.

There was also another subway system. The suburb of Shaker Heights had their own. But these trains steered themselves! They used the track but at some point. Their trains went in another direction. In order to get to Shaker Heights. The trains had to go through the eastside. The thing that IDK was? There is an area called “Shaker Square” Little did I know that. It was not a part of Shaker Heights. It was a part of Cleveland, Ohio USA. A lovely area if ever!

These trains, ran on an electrical rod that was on top of the train that was connected to the utility cable. If the rod slipped! The motorman (as they were called) had to go out and reconnect the rod.

All the motorman had to do was. Flick a few switches back and fourth. The wheels steer the train.

The thing that separated the city trains from the Shaker Heights trains was! The platform had “infrared heaters” and an enclosed shelter for the riders. No ads while waiting! At the other. ads as far as the eye can see!

The inside of the terminal. Was built with marble.there was a wall mural at the end of it. there were many stairways to make your connections to the trains.A ticket office, track announcer desk.

In the 70’s! Someone came up with a tennis court. It covered the stairways. They put up a huge fence, hung a cover up on the fence so no one can look in.

The trains still run. But they are newer trains.

The experience! One can not ever forget!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *Here in Cleveland, Ohio USA. We call our subway “rapid transit”