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Rooting for the underdog! It’s a “working man’s”sport?

It takes out my frustrations! Seeing the bad guy beat every once in a while! A hidden soap opera within the sport!

Some stars. Are good in their characters. While some are not. It’s still fun to watch.

I don’t think the WWE will ever! capture what it started years ago. The “attitude era” Steve Austin and the like.

This last PPV! Extreme Rules! It was nothing!!!! It was just a PPV event. Dull as AF!

It does seem to me. The WWE is trying to create a universe within the WWE. And it is true. The WWE does not care about the fans at all.It seems like? the WWE universe is like a “ZOO” to them. They feed the animals whatever they want. And of course! We eat it up! There is no connection between us & the WWE at all.

The WWE Network! Is an abomination within itself! Their CSR”S Seem like “robots” when emailing them. It does not matter what it is. Payment! Or otherwise.

TNA! Is no better! Since they have new investors!! And brought in former wrestlers for mgt. It’s the same old! Same old! Nothing exciting! Nothing new!

Lucha Underground! Is not bad! Too bad! It’s only on for an hour.

When? Will the wrestling Industry! Get it together?