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It always takes those little things! To get me going!

I am watching the movie “Smokey And the Bandit” I seen a guy drinking a “Budweiser” beer.

Now! What got me thinking was? “Who said Budweiser is the best domestic beer?”

Budweiser did not ad blitz until about the late 60’s. Even today! I still love their ads! But! Who said it is? I didn’t!

My first time at trying Hanneken! Was when the late singer Jim Croce was photographed with it for what was his last album “I got a name” It was inside the album cover. When I bought it. IDK? That it also made Hanneken dark as well. Even to this day! You still! Need a bottle opener to remove the cap!

I had the original Löwenbräu from Germany. And the American version of it too! Not the same as the one from Germany. that one is a little stronger. As I recall! They too! Also made a dark beer.

There was one beer I did like! Schlitz Lite! It was the best-tasting beer and it was cheap (you don’t find that or even Schlitz beer itself.).

Blatz was not bad either it too was cheap but a good beer.

In the midwest! there was another good beer.

Stroh’s at that time. It was “fire brewed”. But! When Pabst’s  bought it! And found out the “Fire brewing” process took too long! They dropped it! Today! It’s as nasty tasting as ever!

When I tried “Tecate” it too! Was nasty! Separated at birth?

The worst? “Honey brown beer! Beer with honey? To the same!

I had? Duke, Schmidt’s, Schaffer, Carling Black Label, Iron City beer (worst tasting now! Then when it was brewed here!),  Bud dry! Not bad! But! You hardly see it anywhere.

What beer(s) have tried/had?