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WHAT WOULD I DO WITH $1,000,000?

I know!

You would say something like?

I would quit my job, travel the world, pay my bills and become “debt free”, invest, save, buy a new car the list is ever so endless!

But! If you think. Life for us would be better? Think again!

I know millionaires! Who squander their riches!

I still believe! We! Or us poor folk! Have it better than they do!

I knew a rich family that! before the husband died. His wife was very nice, kind to me. After he died! She (How you say?) practiced  “economics”! Tighter than tight! with the money!

I think it’s the?

Upbringing, educational background, finding a job/career that pays well, the right place, raising a family, etc..

Upbringing! Let’s face it! Our parents do not really know. The how to’s! In raising kids. So! what do they do? “Carbon copy” what their parents did. Not good. Some parents were brought up in a “violent” families, some were not.

Educational background! It depends on the type/kind/quality of education one gets. Education varies from city to city, Government to Government, teacher to teacher.

Does? any of those things have anything to do with becoming a millionaire? YES! & NO! I believe in a way that! Upbringing does make a difference. It’s the way a child is brought up, How it is raised so on. It does become a factor.

Think about this!

Even if you did win or come into $1,000,000! Keep in mind! The “TAXES!” After the taxes! What do you really have? Not as much as when you started.

A million dollars! Does not cure or solve anything!











Want Earn Money Writing Online? Earn More Writing Course Review | Money Manifesto

Source: Want Earn Money Writing Online? Earn More Writing Course Review | Money Manifesto 

Don’t get me wrong!

There is nothing wrong with making money (online!).

I write online because? It’s fun, a pleasure, interesting, to write.

I write with “none specific in mind.” I don’t believe in staying one place. I heard this one during a NASCAR race: “If you stay in one place for a long time!” “you will learn the tricks to stay there? !”.

As most of you know. I am diversified! As in? Whatever!

I would say? Start out doing it for  “FUN!”. Then branch out!

But! Don’t “sellout!”

If you sell out! It will take away the “Quality”, content, flavor, mostly! The fun, joy of your work.

Don’t write because you have to! Write because it’s “FUN!” Once something is not fun!

In the immortal words of Harry Chapin: “Full-time consideration of another endeavor!” “might be in order!!!!!!”




What You Must Do Before Investing $1 in the Market

You need a strong stomach and some investment knowledge before diving into the markets. Here’s what you need to know before you jump in.

Source: What You Must Do Before Investing $1 in the Market

I began investing when I was 17 years old. The state of Ohio had a “unification gifts to minors act”. With the help of my mom. I began investing in mutual funds. And that started it all.

I started learning the basics of investing. Went on from there.


















I will be updating this as time goes on.

From being on my own. For three years. I should know something!

From going to “Aldi’ to “GFS” (Gordon Food Service”) And all things in-between! There are many different ways.

I go to GFS to buy my favorites! Food service trays of lasagna to mac & cheese, ravioli, so much more. This helps me stretch my food supply until the next month.

What I do with the food service cans of “chef-boy-ardee’s” ravioli. I take the sauce and use it when making other kinds of pasta.

When? And where possible! Always! Buy in bulk!

What lots of people do not know is that! You can reduce your electric bill dramatically!

Simply be unplugging what items you are not using at the time. An electrician informed me about it. IT WORKS! You will see the difference in about 2-3 months! Provided you stick to it!

I am not a “coupon clipper!” I think it’s a waste of time! Provided you know where the good deals are? Even if in those places that accept coupons. You are that much further ahead.

Not many of us. Know that! When you have bottles of body wash, shampoo dish soap and then some. What I do is. Turn the bottles upside down. It may seem silly! But! In due time, you will see a difference. You will not be going to the store as much. And buying the same thing because of it.

In buying anything that hs the energy star on it. Do so. That is where you can really save! Only if! You have to! Do not go to these other grocery stores like Save-a-lot and others. Only if necessary.

Cell phones! This! Is one close to everyone’s heart! Always!!!! Look for the best talk, text, data rates you can find. Even if you have to buy the phone. Depending on. The data you use. It’s still the best way to go. Some have extras! It just takes the time to find it.

I need to point out! You still need “Landline” service. Because! If the power goes out. Or! The power grid goes down! What do you have left? Cell phones last while the battery does! Then what?

During the “cold months!” Is the heat still enough? Try “space heaters”. Even the low priced one’s work. Weatherproofing! Using plastic sheets can work as well. Do not! Buying something because it says it’s for covering the windows and doors. What it says! Vs. What it really does? Two different things.
















I have come to know people who still go to the store. Because they want to see & feel the go0ds for themselves.

It’s all well & good! But! Here’s one way to still go shopping online. If you know the brand of the item you want to get. Surf the Internet. And find it. More than likely you will see the item at a lower cost Vs. brick & mortar stores.

I have seen a report that said! 74% shop online 64% go to brick & mortar stores. This could be the reason why? Stores are closing!

There are websites that monitor prices online. But! Most of them monitor Amazon.com. With Google Chrome. You can go to their app store. And find apps for saving money. From my experience! They can be more of a nuisance rather than a convenience.

What I do is. I go hit the search engines! YES! I said:”search engines”.  Always use more than one. It does take time! To find the best deal there is on the net.

The only one I found that I will not do business is! Dealsmachine.com. I bought a wireless mouse. When I got it. It worked fine. In about 2-3 months. It died! The old saying is true:”you get what you pay for”.


Another way to save is. Buy an amplified antenna! Depending on where and the elevation. An amp. antenna is the best way not only to watch local TV! Also! depending on weather & atmospheric & where you live conditions. You can watch TV from another city, state, country. Such as Canada.

This way. You can choose to either keep/have cable. You can go the basic route. Either way! Having cable or the basics. The amp. antenna can come in handy. When the cable/sat goes out and you want to watch your favorite TV show that you watch on the broadcast channels. You can.

There is better programming to be found on the net. There are so many sites that stream programming online even live! 24/7!

There is! Radio/Internet stations online as well. You can also listen to stations from around the world.

You can find movies online! Though! Be careful!!!!!!

The copyright laws here! Are very strict! While in other countries. Not so much. When you do find a movie site. They have “packets” that other members find on the net. these may ask you for your info (credit card, so on) DON’T!!!!! THERE ARE OTHERS THAT DO NOT.

Online newspapers! With the help of Google Chrome! You can read any of them. There are online newspaper sites where they will not let you translate their site.


For diabetics! I found that if you use an anti-bacterial soap for cleaning the site before testing. You can use cleaning wipes. I found that. When you use a hand (alcohol) sanitizer. It increases the blood sugar numbers.

If you live in am apartment! And the mgt. pays for the heat. Try to open up a window just a little to suit you. Instead of the AC. At night, it’s your choice.

An electrician told me! Unplug the items you are not using! This lowers your electric bill a lot! Even though! You are not using them at the moment! Electricity is still flowing. There are devices that tell you how much is flowing when you are not using it!

Do think about! Brown bagging your breakfast/lunch! You can and do! Saving money.

And! Before you use your credit/debit card! Think about? Need Vs. want! If you use your credit card? Think about that combo meal costs on the card? Interest and all!  More than what you paid for!

Always use a debit card. But! Always! Check your balance before going or ordering anything! I have seen people who either buy/order something. But at checkout! Either short of! Or! No money in the account!

Think about? Warehouse clubs! Or! Gordon food service! With GFS! there is no membership!

Outlets of any and every type/kind there is! Check them out. Mall outlets! To the same! They may be out of the way! The savings can and do add up!

Start a co-op! As in? Have people you know get together and (depending on laws in your area! you might need a license!) and go to food/produce distribution warehouse and buy items at a lower price. Buy in bulk! and when you and they go home. Distribute the food items evenly! As to who wanted how much of this/that. The same can apply when you go and get household items in bulk as well.

DO NOT! COMPROMISE! QUALITY vs. TASTE! That is not the way to live at all. Save where you can! When you can!

If! You still need more4 money! think about starting a small business! These are easy to find!