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WHAT WOULD I DO WITH $1,000,000?

I know!

You would say something like?

I would quit my job, travel the world, pay my bills and become “debt free”, invest, save, buy a new car the list is ever so endless!

But! If you think. Life for us would be better? Think again!

I know millionaires! Who squander their riches!

I still believe! We! Or us poor folk! Have it better than they do!

I knew a rich family that! before the husband died. His wife was very nice, kind to me. After he died! She (How you say?) practiced  “economics”! Tighter than tight! with the money!

I think it’s the?

Upbringing, educational background, finding a job/career that pays well, the right place, raising a family, etc..

Upbringing! Let’s face it! Our parents do not really know. The how to’s! In raising kids. So! what do they do? “Carbon copy” what their parents did. Not good. Some parents were brought up in a “violent” families, some were not.

Educational background! It depends on the type/kind/quality of education one gets. Education varies from city to city, Government to Government, teacher to teacher.

Does? any of those things have anything to do with becoming a millionaire? YES! & NO! I believe in a way that! Upbringing does make a difference. It’s the way a child is brought up, How it is raised so on. It does become a factor.

Think about this!

Even if you did win or come into $1,000,000! Keep in mind! The “TAXES!” After the taxes! What do you really have? Not as much as when you started.

A million dollars! Does not cure or solve anything!